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Jiang Lei, former executive vice-chairman of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, is escorted by disciplinary officers at Beijing Capital International Airport on Friday after he returned to China to face graft charges. ZHANG WEIXIN/XINHUA

A fugitive who had been on the run in New Zealand for 11 years returned to China on Friday to face graft charges.

Jiang Lei, 62, former executive vice-chairman of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, fled to New Zealand on April 11, 2007, according to the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

He was the 55th corrupt fugitive to return since Interpol issued red notices in April 2015 for 100 major Chinese corrupt fugitives who were at large overseas, the CCDI said.

"Justice will come sooner or later and no matter where the fugitives are hiding," according to the CCDI.

The people"s procuratorate of Beijing"s Xicheng district approved the arrest of Jiang on June 18, 2007, and Interpol issued a red notice for him on July 27 the same year, according to the CCDI.

In the past, a large number of Chinese corrupt officials and heads from State-owned companies fled to popular destinations such as the United States, Canada or New Zealand to escape punishment due to the lack of bilateral extradition treaties.

Data provided by the CCDI show that since April 2015, when China launched the Skynet operations to hunt down the fugitives overseas, 4,833 economic fugitives have been extradited, repatriated or persuaded back to face trial from 125 countries and regions.

In August, Chinese authorities released a notice to encourage overseas fugitives to return by the end of this year and confess their crimes.

"We hope the corrupt fugitives will give up their fantasies and cherish the chance to come back before the deadline, then seek a lenient punishment," the CCDI said in a statement on Friday.

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