HKSAR govt vows morerubber memorial bracelets decisive measures to curb violence

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Fierce blazes, more than 100 meters long, rage on Kung Um Shan in Yuen Long on Friday evening, with huge flame cresting into the sky. The fire started on Friday evening. Staff from the Yuen Long Fire Station did not comment on either the causes, or rumors of possible arson by some anti-govenrment radicals. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The Hong Kong government has set up an inter-departmental coordination body to tackle the city"s current crisis, Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung revealed on Friday.

The group chaired by Cheung will help the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government take "more decisive measures" to put an end to the escalating violence, the city"s No 2 official pledged at a press conference. This comes as the city endured its fifth consecutive day of violence and vandalism to the city"s transportation systems and campuses.

Cheung said the group would coordinate different government departments to deal with the city"s recent social unrest. This includes making timely responses to emergencies, updating information related to residents" daily life and clarifying rumors.

The government"s priority is to curb violence and restore social order as soon as possible, Cheung noted.

Clearing roads

Another measure taken by the government is that Highways Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Civil Aid Service Department will be in charge of jointly removing roadblocks and debris put on roads by radicals, Cheung revealed.

In recent days, radical protesters set barricades on major roads and Cross Harbor Tunnel, set fires and threw debris onto rail tracks which put the city"s traffic into a total mess.

In addition, Cheung stressed the government would have "zero tolerance" for civil servants who behave in any way which breaches the law.

In a joint statement released on Friday night, the heads of nine local higher institutions express the hope the government takes the lead in tackling the current political deadlock in Hong Kong and restores public order and social stability.

Civil service disciplines

Echoing Cheung, Secretary for the Civil Service Joshua Law Chi-kong told a news conference that civil servants who are arrested would be immediately suspended from their jobs.

Law explained it is out of the public interest as residents are difficult to accept that a civil servant arrested for participating in illegal activities could return to work as normal and continue to exercise the powers and functions of his or her office.

In a letter written by Law on Friday to all civil servants, Law stressed all colleagues must not take part in any unlawful activities and actions, including illegal procession or assemblies. They should also fully abide by the Prohibition of Face Covering Regulation, an emergency measure which has been in effect since October.

During five months of violent protests, some civil servants were arrested for their suspected involvement in illegal public activities.

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