Ransomware takes aim at internet, manufacturing sectorlivestrong type braceletss

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Employees in internet companies and manufacturing industries were most affected by ransomware over the past year, a report from China"s largest security software provider said on Tuesday.

The cybersecurity center of Qihoo 360 received 2,325 applications for data recovery between January and November 2017 from people whose computers were affected by ransomware, the report said.

The largest group affected, about 27 percent, worked for internet companies, it said. The second most targeted group were those involved in manufacturing and educational industries, it added.

Ransomware was the most dangerous and energetic virus last year, attacking at least 4.73 million computers across the country, it said.

The danger was made clear in May, when the WannaCry ransomware virus affected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries and regions.

"In our survey, about 44 percent of these victims did not know how their computers were infected, which shows how hard the virus is to recognize," a security official of the enterprise said in the report.

He said ransomware would continue to affect the internet this year, and may evolve.

"To avoid being attacked online and reduce economic losses, it"s important to stay alert when receiving emails from strangers, and to copy important archives or files in computers before surfing the internet," he said.

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