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China silica gel Bracelet factory how to contact,jordan wristband

l disappear in a few months . So what"s the reason for the disappearance of words ? The main reasons for the disappearance of the words of printed silicone bracelets are as follows : 1.Printing ink . We all know that high quality products can be used for a long time . The same is true of the printing ink used for printing silicone bracelets . Custom promotional bracelets made of high quality printing ink can keep text for a long time . However custom promotional bracelets made of  inferior printing ink can"t keep text for a long time . 2.Production process . Silk screen printing process of silicone rubber bracelet is very important. Whether the surface of the event wristbands is clean or not, the dirty surface of the club wristbands will lead to insufficient adsorption of printing ink , so the manufacturer will clean the surface of the silicone bracelet . 3.Silicone wristband rub with other objects . When we wear silicone bracelets , it will rub with other objects and the message and logo is stay on the surface of the custom promotional bracelets . As the number of timjordan wristbandes the bracelet rubs against with other objects increases . The words on the bracelet will fade away gradually .    

Guccjordan wristbandi is an Italian palace fashion brand. Gucci Group is the most famous luxury group in the world. It manages high-end luxury goods such as men and women fashion, perfume, bags, leather shoes, shoes, watches, home accessories, pet products, and so on. Gucci group It is famous for its high-end, luxurious and sexy. We can make a custom silicone wristband with the Gucci logo. Since it is a bold and simple logo with letters only, it is available for all logo styles, like printed, debossed, embossed, colorfilled, embossed printed. We can add our slogan together with the Gucci logo on the wristband, like 100years anniversary. It is good item for business promotional event. Wearing the wristband on the hand with your message, people who attend the conference will know exactly the theme. Custom wristband contribute to promotional gifts, party favors, corporate trade shows, organizations, political campaigning and charitable causes.  

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